Airplane Noise

This page contains information related to the airplane noise related to DCA airport, a frequent topic of discussion among Highgate residents. As a bit of background, the FAA changed flight patterns a couple of years ago which resulted in takeoffs and landing being made directly over downtown Rosslyn and nearby residential areas.  As a result, many residents have complained about the noise and want to know they can do about it. Fortunately, Arlington County and DCA airport have published various information relating to this matter, including the ability to register formal complaints. This information is as follows:
For background information, public resources, and updates, please visit Arlington County’s Aircraft Noise webpage:

For information on Congressman Beyer's efforts to address the noise issue, please visit Congressman Beyer's webpage:
To file a formal noise complaint, please complete the online noise complaint form webpage:
The HOA will keep you up-to-date on any progress being made to help reduce the amount of airplane noise affecting our neighborhood.