HOA Board

The Board of Directors is elected by Highgate Owners to represent the members of the Highgate Owners Association. Their responsibilities broadly include managing the affairs of Highgate including maintaining the Common Areas of Highgate, assuring Owners' compliance with the Rules and Regulations of Highgate, managing the implementation of various projects for the benefit of Highgate, and managing the finances of Highgate. Seven community members are elected to serve staggered three-year terms at Annual Meetings typically held near the end of each year. 
The current slate of Directors, along with their officer titles, is as follows:
Board of Directors Position Term Ends
 Mark Rouchard President 2024
George Mueller Vice President 2023
Connie Haeder Treasurer 2024
Carroll Colley Secretary 2023
Nikki Stuart Member at Large 2025
Nils "Bear" Warga Member at Large 2025
Gautaum Sain Member at Large 2023
Board meetings are typically held on the third Tuesday of every month. At this time, all meetings are held virtually through Zoom. Notices are sent out to Members in advance to allow Members the opportunity to attend these meetings. Members are provided the opportunity to address the Board during open forum which occurs at the beginning of each meeting. 
If you would like to contact the HOA Board directly, please send a message to HOABoard.HighgateRosslyn@gmail.com.