Resident Portal

The HOA maintains a separate Resident Portal that contains non-public information for the benefit of Highgate Owners  This Resident Portal connects you to the First Services "Connect" platform which contains various information relating to the HOA and your homeownership including, among other things, the following information:
- Your contact and profile information
- Minutes of the monthly meetings of the HOA Board
- Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Highgate HOA
- Financial, insurance, audit and tax information about the HOA
- The amount and status of your quarterly dues payments
- Any Architectural Modification Forms you have submitted to the HOA
- Any Architectural violations noted on your home
Please use this link to connect to the Resident Portal. Since this is a separate system from this website, you will need to use your separate log-in information to gain access to the Resident Portal.  Please contact Austin Figueroa ( with any questions.
Link to Resident Portal