Property Maintenance

The maintenance of all property within Highgate, whether designated as Common Area or Owner Property, is governed by specific provisions in the Declaration of Covenants (the "Decs"). The goals of these property maintenance provisions are to preserve and enhance property values and provide an inviting, safe and clean environment for our Owners to enjoy Highgate. The following summarizes certain key property management provisions, all of which are subject to the specific provisions in the Decs.
1. Common Area Property - Common Area property represents property owned by the HOA which is all property within Highgate that is not owned by the Owners. Common Area property is maintained by the HOA as described in this "Services" tab. Owners should not perform any repairs or maintenance on Common Area Property. Owners should contact the HOA at if any repairs or maintenance are needed to Common Area property.
2. Owner Property - Owner Property represents all property, including improvements thereon, located on or within the legal property boundaries for each Lot. This includes the Living Unit (which represents any structure or portion of a structure attached thereto situated on the Owner's Lot) including front porch and steps, driveway, front yards, rear yards, rear fences, rear retaining walls, etc.  Except for certain Owner Property that is maintained by the HOA pursuant to the Decs, the Owner is responsible for maintaining their property in good order and repair, free of debris in accordance with good property management practices and Architectural Review Standards. Under the provisions of the Decs, the HOA is responsible for maintaining all exterior areas of the Owner Property, except for the enclosed rear years which are the responsibility of the Owner. The Owner Property maintained by the HOA includes the rear wood fences, the rear brick retaining walls (if applicable), and landscaping of front yard areas. Owners should contact the HOA at if any such Owner Property requires maintenance. An Owner is expressly prohibited from making any changes (including but not limited to any modifications, replacements or repairs) to the Common Areas or any Owner Property which the HOA maintains under the Decs, unless such Owner requests and receives the Board’s approval. If any Owner undertakes any changes to such property, they will do so at their own expense and at no liability to the HOA.
If any Owner has any questions relating to Property Maintenance, please contact the HOA at