Landscaping Services

The Association provides landscape maintenance services for all the Common Areas in the community, as well as maintaining the front yards of all homes in the community. Backyard maintenance is the responsibility of the homeowner. Maintenance of the Common Areas and front yards includes:
- Mowing (weekly) beginning in the spring
- Spring Clean Up/Debris Removal
- Spring Mulch
- Shrub Pruning, four times a year
- Weed Removal, four times a year
- Leaf Removal, four times in late Fall/early Winter
- Pruning of large front yard trees (Bradford Pears, Lindens, Sycamores), every other year or as needed
Landscaping Modifications, Including Large Front Yard Trees
Any landscaping modifications, such as the installation or removal of shrubs, are the responsibility of the homeowner and can be performed without any involvement of the Landscaping Committee. However, any desire to remove any large front yard trees requires involvement of the Landscaping Committee because any such action requires prior approval from Arlington County which also requires a replacement tree to be planted. The replacement tree must be an acceptable species as designated by Arlington County.
Irrigation Services
The Association has an irrigation system that services the Common Area parts of the community. This system also services mulch beds on the Kent decks of the community that are immediately outside of the homes. An irrigation contractor is responsible for the spring start-up and winterization of this irrigation system. 
Spring start-up begins in either March or April, and the winterization of the irrigation system occurs in October or November. The irrigation contractor inspects the system throughout the year and also tests the backflow devices for these systems. If they find or notice any leaks in the system while they are onsite they make repairs to the system. However, if a homeowner notices an issue with the irrigation system, they should report this to Management by submitting a work order request through the Resident Portal so this can be addressed as soon as possible.
Landscaping Needs or Request for Service
Owners who have any special landscaping related issues in the community should submit a work order request through the Resident Portal. These requests will be forwarded to Management to determine the appropriate course of action. Please note that all requests will be acted on as quickly as possible, and may require input from the Landscaping Committee to determine the next steps. Owners will receive updates on their request through the Resident Portal and by email.